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She is the proud holder of the title of having the longest legs 132.8cm (52.2in) of any woman on the planet as confirmed by The Guinness World Records in June of 2017.

This 29 year old natural beauty is also recognized by Guinness as being the tallest professional model in the world 205.7cm (6ft 9in) and has been featured internationally in newspapers, magazines and television.

Ekaterina’s entry into the modelling world is unlike that of most other models. From an early age she possessed both extraordinary height and athleticism. These attributes made her a perfect fit for the sport of basketball and her parents provided her with the opportunity to learn the game and train at an elite level. She progressed through to the highest levels of the sport playing key roles as a center for the Russian Olympic team and various professional clubs in the Russian Premier league.

But even as a young girl following a path towards a career in sports, she demonstrated a deep desire to express her femininity through singing and dance as well as a surprising level of natural ability in these areas.

In 2014, at the age of 27 she began the transition from a career in professional sports to one of modelling, thus embarking on a new path towards fulfilling her childhood dreams and establishing herself as one of the world’s most unique and elite models.

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